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Department of Public Safety
Sexual Offender Registry
PO Box 1511
Montgomery, AL   36102-1511

p (334) 353-1172     f (334) 353-2563

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Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center
201 South Union St., Suite 300
Montgomery, AL   36130

p (334)517-2470

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Alabama Department of Corrections
PO Box 301501
Montgomery, AL   36130

p (334)353-3883     f (334)353-3967

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Alabama Crime Stats

Alabama Criminal Records Statistics

Alabama Criminal Records Statistics

Recorded crime total for 2006: 127,851

Number of crimes per capita: 6,354.3

Most "dangerous" Alabama city: Anniston

Crime Threat Level: 6

Other states with a crime threat level of 6:
Arkansas - Indiana - Mississippi - New Mexico - Ohio

Alabama Criminal Activity Breakdown

Alabama Criminal Activity Breakdown

Murders: 268
Rapes: 973
Robberies: 5,481
Assaults: 6,032
Property Crime: 78,985

Alabama exceeds the national average in:
Murder, Rape, Robbery, Burglary, Theft

Free Alabama Background Checks and Criminal Records

With a population just over two million, Alabama isn't exactly the state most people think of when it comes to high crime rates. The numbers, however, show something much different.

With a crime threat level of 6, Alabama isn't nearly as safe as you might think. There were over 127,000 reported crimes last year alone.

If you need up to date criminal background check information, use the fields listed here to conduct your search. Otherwise, contact the Department of Public Safety if you need to access the state sexual offender registry or the Alabama Bureau of Investigation for a manual criminal records background check.

Additional help is available through the Alabama Department of Corrections and the Administrative Offices of Courts if you need Alabama state court records. Your fastest way to get the criminal records you need, though, is through FREE Background Checks USA!

Tips on alabama Background Searches

Individuals interested in accessing Alabama criminal records may do so online through various resources. There are a number of databases containing criminal files held in specific locations throughout the state.

You may want to access Alabama criminal records or court documents for personal or professional reasons. Families moving to new neighborhoods might search for sex offenders or rates of violent crime in the area. Many employers conduct pre-employment background checks, and pay for detailed information on applicants, which would include criminal history if applicable.

Alabama’s Department of Corrections website provides a searchable prison inmate database as well as photo IDs of parole violators and escapees.

The Alabama Department of Public Safety Community Information Center provides a searchable database for sex offender registry and contact emails and telephone numbers for information on fugitives and missing persons.

The main state agency responsible for compiling criminal justice and law enforcement data is called the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center (ACJIC). This agency is directly linked to the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) National Crime Information Center. They provide detailed statistical information related to Alabama criminal records and administered various services such as the Alabama Background Check System. The ACJIC also works with a computerized criminal history system and LETS (Law Enforcement Tactical System), which is an Alabama-contained information sharing system that involves details related to corrections and other criminal justice agencies within this state.