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Check Sex Offender Registry by Contacting:

Department of Public Safety
Sex Offender Compliance
PO Box 6638//Mail Code 9999
Phoenix, AZ   85005-6638

p (602) 255-0611     f (602) 223-2949

Check Criminal Records by Contacting:

Department of Public Safety
Applicant Team One
PO Box 18430//Mail Code 2250
Phoenix, AZ   85005-8430

p (602) 223-2223     f (602) 223-2972

Check Incarceration Records by Contacting:

Arizona Department of Corrections
Records Department
1601 W. Jefferson St.
Phoenix, AZ   85007

p (602)542-5497     f (602) 542-3965

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The Guide to Arizona Court Records
A complete guide to finding Arizona court records and extensive court directory. Follow these simple steps:
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Arizona Crime Stats

Arizona Criminal Records Statistics

Arizona Criminal Records Statistics

Recorded crime total for 2006: 244,483

Number of crimes per capita: 5,221

Most "dangerous" Arizona city: South Tucson

Crime Threat Level: 7

Other states with a crime threat level of 7:
Georgia - Illinois - Maryland - Michigan - Missouri - Nevada - South Carolina

Arizona Criminal Activity Breakdown

Arizona Criminal Activity Breakdown

Murders: 388
Rapes: 1,656
Robberies: 8,613
Assaults: 15,877
Property Crime: 124,937

Arizona exceeds the national average in:
Murder, Rape, Assult, Burglary, Theft, Vehicle Theft

Free Arizona Background Checks and Criminal Records

Arizona is one of the fastest growing states in the country, and it has also become a hot bed for crime.

With a crime index rating of seven and almost 250,000 crimes reported in the last year, you have to keep an eye on those around you like never before, which is why Free Background Checks USA makes so much sense.

You can also use the Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Compliance Department for sex offender information or the Department of Public Safety Applicant Team One for manual background checks, but you can get the same information from Free Background Checks USA in a fraction of the time.

The Arizona Department of Corrections Records Department will give you access to incarceration records or the Administrative Offices of the Courts Arizona Supreme Court may offer you access to court records, but if you want to get your results fast, use Free Background Checks USA today.

Tips on arizona Background Searches

If you are looking to obtain Arizona criminal records, you can do so through one of many avenues. You may be looking for to obtain a criminal record for someone that you are looking to hire, checking information on a current criminal case, or searching the parolee database to see if there are any ex-convicts living in your neighborhood. Fortunately, you can do any of these things because the State of Arizona makes public these types of criminal information.

At the State of Arizona’s Department of Safety website, you can download the forms needed to request Arizona criminal records or background checks. The site also offer statistical information about crime rates, narcotics and organized crime across Arizona so that you can determine where the highest rates of criminal activity occur in the state. Another resource for this kind of statistical data is the Arizona Criminal Justice site, which offers info on drugs, gangs and violent crimes.

The Arizona Department of Corrections offers a free searchable database for inmates, which includes photos and other related items for those looking for criminal histories on current prisoners. The Arizona Judicial Branch’s website gives anyone access to information on detainees that are still undergoing prosecution.