One of the government's greatest responsibilities is transparency. Transparency is the idea that everything the government creates and collects becomes eligible to the public, in order to ensure that they are always working in your best interests. Without transparency, government offices could hide their intentions in order to work against he will of the people, and would be more likely to perform unlawful or immoral activities without the people able to keep them in check.

Yet another important aspect of transparency is the idea that it cannot be limited to the government. The government must also release data on its citizens otherwise it is not truly transparent, because the data collected by the government is collected because it is of public interest. While social security numbers may be exempt for privacy reasons, most other individual data is eligible for the same public records as government information.

What Are in Atlanta Public Records?

There is a very large and diverse population in Atlanta, which means there is also a great deal of information available about those that live within the city. Atlanta public records often contain a great deal of information about those in the city that is considered to be relevant for public use. Some of that information includes:

  • Criminal Histories - Anyone that is convicted of a crime may be eligible for public records.
  • Marital Status - Marriage licenses are collected by the government and in public record.
  • Current Addresses - Someone's living situation is relevant to Atlanta public records.

The above list represents just a small sample of the type of information available in Atlanta public records. The reason for this data is simple - it is collected by the government and is considered important for businesses and the general public. Public records are a federal law that has been in existence for decades, so this data has been widely available in the event of an Atlanta background check.

How to Access Atlanta Public Records

Not long ago, it was difficult to gain access to Atlanta public records. The biggest problem was time. Often someone would want to perform a search right away and immediately receive accurate results, yet if you were to perform an Atlanta background check in the past - especially without going to a third party - you would have to fill out the right forms and wait for them to get back to you. By the time you receive the information it may be beyond when you wanted to receive it. In addition, there is no way to know that it contains all of the data you were hoping to find about the individual.

To make the process easier, public records websites have already requested all of the Atlanta public records and compiled them online in user friendly search engine formats. Now, instead of requisitioning the forms individually, you can simply search for a person's name and gain access to all of the information you were looking for. These websites have made the process of receiving these documents much easier.

Performing Atlanta Background Checks

Thanks to these websites, both businesses and individuals now have easy access to Atlanta background checks, allowing them to quickly and easily get the data they're looking for. Businesses have long been the most well-known recipients of background checks, especially for candidates for new positions. Some of the data they may be trying to access includes:

  • Atlanta Criminal Records

It's often important for companies to request criminal records on their employees. Employees are likely to handle a great deal of financial and personal information, and knowing their criminal history is a good way to ensure they are not a risk for theft , assault, or something else that would put the company at risk.

  • Legal Workers

Atlanta background checks also assess whether or not the individual is allowed to work in the country legally. This is especially important since 9/11, as homeland security is more likely to crack down on companies that have not checked the immigration statuses of their employees.

  • Truthful Data

Finally, applicants to new jobs are expected to fill out resumes, cover letters, and go through a job interview. Some applicants decide it is a good idea to lie during the applicant process, in an attempt to find a job. These Atlanta background checks may allow companies to catch candidates that have not been entirely honest during the application process.

Businesses depend on this type of information to ensure they are making good decisions regarding the hiring process, and complying with all local and federal laws regarding new hire candidates.

Atlanta Criminal Records for Individuals

Background checks in Atlanta are not limited to businesses alone. Citizens of the city may also look to these background checks to find information about the people in their life that are most important to them. Some examples uses of these background checks include:

  • Curiosity - Simple curiosity about the people in one's life is one of the most common reasons to perform one of these background checks. There is no harm to searching the data, so finding information about someone you know may be interesting, fun, and possibly enlightening.
  • Self-Reports - It's widely recommended that those that are looking for jobs also perform a background check on themselves. This will help the applicant spot errors in information that may be preventing them from getting a job, and fixing these errors accordingly.
  • Background Searches - It's not uncommon to have a reason to need data on someone in your life. This may be someone you plan on hiring to fix your plumbing, a house sister, or even a potential relationship partner. Knowing their unbiased history is a useful decision making tool.

You may also find that these background checks allow you to find lost friends, or look up information about a family member that you may have lost touch with. There is a considerable number of different reasons that looking through these Atlanta public records may be valuable to you.

Search Easily and Anonymously

These Atlanta background checks are anonymous, making it easy to find information about anyone you need - whether it is for a new job, or simply because you are looking up someone that has been introduced into your life. The ability to look through these public records is valuable, allowing you to find the information you need on anyone when you need it.