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Department of Justice
Sexual Offender Program
PO Box 903387
Sacramento, CA   94203-3870

p (916) 227-4974     f (916) 227-4345

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Department of Justice
Records Security Section
PO Box 903417
Sacramento, CA   94203-4170

p (916) 227-3460     f (916) 227-4815

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Dept of Corrections
Corrections & Rehabilitation ID Unit
PO Box 942883
Sacramento, CA   94283-0001

p (916) 445-7682     f (916) 327-1988

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The Guide to California Court Records
A complete guide to finding California court records and extensive court directory. Follow these simple steps:
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California Crime Stats

California Criminal Records Statistics

California Criminal Records Statistics

Recorded crime total for 2006: 1,121,098

Number of crimes per capita: 3798.51

Most "dangerous" California city: Vernon

Crime Threat Level: 3

Other states with a crime threat level of 3:
Hawaii - Iowa - Montana - Nebraska - Pennsylvania - Utah - Wyoming

California Criminal Activity Breakdown

California Criminal Activity Breakdown

Murders: 2,031
Rapes: 7,467
Robberies: 63,403
Assaults: 89,234
Property Crime: 560,528

California exceeds the national average in:
Robbery, Vehicle Theft

Free California Background Checks and Criminal Records

California's population is skyrocketing and sits at almost 30 million. If you need a criminal background check, you don't want to wait for overworked state agencies to do their job.

California reported 1.2 million crimes last year, with the city of Vernon ranking as the most dangerous place to live in.

You need Free Background Checks USA to get you the information you need fast. Just use the fields provided to start your search now. Alternately, you can contact the Department of Justice Sexual Offender Program for sexual offender information or the Department of Justice Records Security Section for criminal background check info.

You can also contact the Dept of Corrections & Rehabilitation ID Unit for incarceration records and the Administration Office of Courts Office of Communications for court records, or you could simply use Free Background Checks USA and cut through the red tape right away.

Tips on california Background Searches

Databases related to California criminal records are held by law enforcement agencies and it is possible to gain access to certain public records. Through specific websites you can request an individual criminal history report, a background check, or retrieve other data such as court records, prison records and other similar information.

Some individuals need to prove that they have not violated the law and need to request a California criminal records check as a prerequisite for certification or licensing and employment. In this case, an application must be filled out and digital fingerprints must be taken so the individual can be cleared. Detailed instructions are on the State of California Department of Justice website.

The State of California Department of Justice website also has detailed crime statistics on adult and juvenile crimes broken down by county and city as well as overall state statistics. There is also charted data available for juvenile and adult arrest rates, violent crimes, and property crimes.

The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has four websites for different regions of California. Each one has photos and information on the most wanted criminals for violent crimes, crimes against children, fugitives, terrorism, criminal enterprise and missing persons. There are offices based in San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Los Angeles.