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Check Sex Offender Registry by Contacting:

Department of Public Safety
Sex Offender Registry Unit
PO Box 2794
Middletown, CT   06757-9294

p (860) 685-8060     f (860) 685-8349

Find Court Records by Visiting:

The Guide to Connecticut Court Records
A complete guide to finding Connecticut court records and extensive court directory. Follow these simple steps:
  1. Determine type of court.
  2. Select relevant county.
  3. Access digital court records (where available) or contact the court directly.

Attorney General

Attorney General's Office
55 Elm Street
Hartford, CT   06106

p (860) 808-5318     f (860) 808-5387

Birth Certificates

Department of Public Health
Vital Records Section MS# 11VRS
PO Box 340308
Hartford, CT   06134-0308

p (860) 509-7897     f (860) 509-7700

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Connecticut Crime Stats

Connecticut Criminal Records Statistics

Connecticut Criminal Records Statistics

Recorded crime total for 2006: 70,200

Number of crimes per capita: 3110.65

Most "dangerous" Connecticut city: Hartford

Crime Threat Level: 1

Other states with a crime threat level of 1:
Maine - Massachusetts - New Hampshire - New Jersey - Rhode Island - Vermont

Connecticut Criminal Activity Breakdown

Connecticut Criminal Activity Breakdown

Murders: 89
Rapes: 409
Robberies: 2,873
Assaults: 3,054
Property Crime: 46,047

Free Connecticut Background Checks and Criminal Records

Connecticut has one of the highest standards of living in the country, but that doesn't mean that it is crime free. Far from it, in fact. With over 70,000 crimes committed last year alone, you need a fast and reliable way to get background checks done.

Use Free Background Checks USA today. Simply fill out the forms below and get started, or you can choose to contact the various state departments one by one. You'll need to contact the Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Registry Unit for sex offender information, the Chief Court Administrator for court records and more.

With over 400 rapes and 3,000 assaults last year, Connecticut isn't quite as peaceful as the state tourism commission wants you to believe. Protect yourself and your business with a free background check from Free Background Checks USA today.

Tips on connecticut Background Searches

Information related to obtaining Connecticut criminal records can be found on the Connecticut Department of State’s website. Often, people need to order this type of report in order to help complete a background check on a potential employee, babysitter, house sitter, or other person being put in a trusted position. Fortunately, the state of Connecticut makes this easy. From the State Department’s website, you can download the necessary forms and instructions on how to obtain criminal histories on anyone in Connecticut.

Another place that you may obtain Connecticut criminal records is through the Connecticut Department of Safety, a unit that keeps information on criminal activity, police reports and records, and cold cases.

Other important criminal databases that could help keep you and your family safe include the Connecticut Sex Offender Registry and the Connecticut Amber Alert. The Sex Offender Registry allows you to search your area for potential molesters. The Amber Alert allows you to find data on current missing children’s cases.

For info on criminal cases that are still being prosecuted, look to the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch. You may also find info on current inmates and parolees, including photos and related data, through the Connecticut Department of Corrections website.