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Check Sex Offender Registry by Contacting:

State Bureau of Investigation
Sex Offender Registry
State House Station #42
Augusta,, ME   04333-0042

p (207) 624-7270     f (207) 287-3421

Check Criminal Records by Contacting:

Maine State Police
State Bureau of Identification
State House Station #42
Augusta,, ME   04333-0042

p (207) 624-7240     f (207) 287-3421

Check Incarceration Records by Contacting:

Maine Department of Corrections
Inmate Records
111 State House Station
Augusta,, ME   4333

p (207) 287-4376     f (207) 287-4370

Find Court Records by Visiting:

The Guide to Maine Court Records
A complete guide to finding Maine court records and extensive court directory. Follow these simple steps:
  1. Determine type of court.
  2. Select relevant county.
  3. Access digital court records (where available) or contact the court directly.

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Maine Crime Stats

Maine Criminal Records Statistics

Maine Criminal Records Statistics

Recorded crime total for 2006: 26,965

Number of crimes per capita: 3171.34

Most "dangerous" Maine city: Carrabassett Valley

Crime Threat Level: 1

Other states with a crime threat level of 1:
Connecticut - Massachusetts - New Hampshire - New Jersey - Rhode Island - Vermont

Maine Criminal Activity Breakdown

Maine Criminal Activity Breakdown

Murders: 11
Rapes: 273
Robberies: 352
Assaults: 603
Property Crime: 20,468

Free Maine Background Checks and Criminal Records

Maine is a state that has natural beauty to spare, but it also a state where criminals enjoy preying on innocent people. There were over 600 assaults and 26,000 crimes total reported in Maine in 2006, so arm yourself with the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for you and your family. Free Background Checks USA can get you the vital information you need fast and for less than the competition.

You can try to get the same information on your own, but you would have to contact the State Bureau of Investigation Sex Offender Registry as well as the Maine Department of Corrections, and you would still have several other departments to contact to ensure you got a complete report. The easiest choice for Maine residents is to use Free Background Checks USA.

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Tips on maine Background Searches

Do you want to find a sex offender or other criminal’s record? You can find Maine criminal records easier than you may think. There are actually sites that are dedicated to helping you find these records. Some of these sites are run for free by the state and then there are independent sites that offer you this service for a minor fee.

You may wonder why you would want to pay for Maine criminal records when you could find them for free. The problem with searching for these records on your own is that at times the sites are down or they are not updated. Low budgets and lack of funding can cause these free sits to be less than helpful.

When you use a paid site the fee is so low that the time you would have used searching would have cost more than the small fee that you pay to get the site to deliver the records to you. What is best about this is the fact that you get your results back in under a minute.

If you want to try searching on your own then you can try the Maine Sex Offenders Registry website or you can go to the actual courthouse and ask for files.