Michigan Background Check

Basic Free Background Check

  • Contact each government agency
  • Takes a few days to a few weeks
  • Limited to information in public sources

Instructions to View Results:

Check Sex Offender Registry by Contacting:

Michigan State Police
SOR Section
7150 Harris Dr Lansing, MI, 48913

p (517) 322-4938
f (517) 322-4957

Check Criminal Records by Contacting:

Michigan State Police, Criminal History Section
Criminal Justice Information Center
7150 Harris Dr Lansing, MI, 48913

p (517) 322-1956
f (517) 322-0635

Check Incarceration Records by Contacting:

Michigan Department of Corrections
Central Records Office
PO Box 30003 Lansing, MI, 48909

p (517) 373-3651
f (517) 373-2558

Check Court Records by Contacting:

State Court Administrative Office
PO Box 30048 Lansing, MI, 48909

p (517) 373-0130
f (517) 373-9831

Instant Premium Background Check

  • 1 click access to view complete details
  • Instant results
  • Delivered online

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Results Include

  • Criminal Check
  • Bankruptcies and liens
  • Businesses and properties
  • Age and date of birth
  • Phone number and address
  • Prior residences
  • Relatives and neighbors
  • Work information
Free Michigan Background Checks

Michigan Criminal Activity Breakdown

Murders: 640

Rapes: 3,268

Robberies: 13,447

Assaults: 31,280

Property Crime: 148,701

Michigan exceeds the national average in:
Murder, Rape, Robbery, Assult, Burglary, Vehicle Theft

Michigan Criminal Activity Breakdown

Free Michigan Background Checks and Criminal Records

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