Background checks are a vital part of today's society. They allow businesses and individuals the opportunity to find out the truth about a person's history in a way that they may otherwise be in the dark. That ability - the ability to find out if there are any unique history records about an individual - is one of the few ways that people can keep themselves safe, make good decisions, and ultimately decide whether or not the person they are associating with is something they want in their life.

Background Checks for Businesses

Businesses are one of the most common users of background checks. San Francisco background checks serve two purposes:

  • Legal Obligations

The first purpose of these San Francisco background checks is to fulfill their legal obligations. Most of businesses in the country - especially those that work with money or in certain services - are required to make sure that the applicant for any position is legally allowed to work in the state and not a danger to those the customers or employees they're working with. Lawsuits about "negligent hiring" are too common, and terrorism scares have homeland security encouraging more probing background checks of employees.

  • Professional Reasons

Similarly, background checks may be used to see about the honesty or trustworthiness of an applicant. Some previous jobs held show up on background checks, as do the histories of some of these applicants. You may also find a criminal history that indicates the person may not be a good fit for the company. There are many pieces of data that may show up in San Francisco background checks, which is why these companies rely so heavily on them to make good hiring decisions.

San Francisco Background Checks for Individuals

In addition to businesses, many people use background checks to find out information on the people they know. There are no legal issues with searching for anyone you know at any time, so an individual may decide to search for another individual for their own unique reasons, however some of the main reasons people perform these San Francisco background checks include:

  • Potential Relationship Partners - One of the many reasons that someone may perform a background check is to see if someone they're interested in has anything in their past that would affect the success of their relationship. Criminal histories, marital statuses, etc., may all show up in these reports.
  • Babysitters/House Sitters/Plumbers, etc. - When you put someone in charge of a family member or your belongings, you need to know that they're trustworthy. Background checks can help you find out if those you're keeping close to the things you care about are safe and reliable.
  • Locating Lost Friends - Some background checks will have contact information and other data that will help you locate those you've lost touch with.
  • Self - When you're applying for a job, you can be sure that the company is going to perform a background check on your history. It's always a good idea to perform one on yourself as well. Data isn't always perfect, and sometimes you'll find that inaccuracies due to poor data collection or identity theft that need to be fixed.
  • Simple Curiosity - Perhaps one of the most common reasons is just curiosity. You know many people, and sometimes the histories of these individuals are interesting to you. San Francisco Background checks can be completed fairly easily with nothing more than a name, so those that are interesting can find the information they're looking for in moments.

Searching for individuals is fairly easy, and can be performed using nothing more than a name. You don't need someone's permission either, so this allows you to perform these checks even if you're searching simply for fun.

San Francisco Criminal Records

One of the most common reasons that people look at background checks is to discover any interesting information in San Francisco criminal records. California is one of the few states with a complicated criminal records law, so it is not always possible to see the specifics of each criminal record, but you can find out if the individual has a criminal record in general and see if you can pinpoint what that record may contain.

San Francisco Public Records

Another interesting thing to note about these background checks is that all of the data is compiled from public records. San Francisco public records contain a wealth of information about those living in the city, and you may find some interesting facts about those you're searching for that may benefit you in making decisions about who they are.

You may find properties in their name, or possibly find their social media pages. You may also find information on their family, their licenses, and so on. These public records are compiled from mountains of data collected by the government, so nearly anything that has passed through both state and local governments may be eligible to be discovered in these background checks.

Using These Background Checks at Any Time

San Francisco public records are designed to be made available to the public for any use. According to state and federal law, no one may be asked why they need the records or denied access to these records without court approval.

However, receiving these public records on an individual can be difficult if you do it within the government. You need to fill out the forms, wait for the government to print out the data, and even then you may find that you were searching for the wrong person or forgot to ask for a specific piece of information of interest. The process can be time consuming.

Yet because San Francisco public records can be accessed by anyone at any time, some companies have decided to provide the service for you. They have already requested the public records of nearly everyone living in the city of San Francisco. They then compile these records online and turn them into easily searchable databases. As a result, you can search San Francisco background checks whenever you need to look up someone in your life. With that added convenience, you can find the information you need on anyone at any time.