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Check Sex Offender Registry by Contacting:

Dept of Public Safety
Sex Offender Registration
PO Box 4143
Austin, TX   78765-4143

p (512) 424-2800     f (512) 424-5666

Check Criminal Records by Contacting:

DPS - Access & Dissemination Bureau
Crime Records Service
PO Box 15999
Austin, TX   78761-5999

p (512) 424-2474     f (512) 424-5011

Check Incarceration Records by Contacting:

Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Bureau of Classification and Records
PO Box 99
Austin, TX   77342

p (936) 295-6371     f (936) 437-6227

Find Court Records by Visiting:

The Guide to Texas Court Records
A complete guide to finding Texas court records and extensive court directory. Follow these simple steps:
  1. Determine type of court.
  2. Select relevant county.
  3. Access digital court records (where available) or contact the court directly.

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Texas Crime Stats

Texas Criminal Records Statistics

Texas Criminal Records Statistics

Recorded crime total for 2006: 909,700

Number of crimes per capita: 5315.46

Most "dangerous" Texas city: Sunset Valley

Crime Threat Level: 5

Other states with a crime threat level of 5:
Oklahoma - Washington

Texas Criminal Activity Breakdown

Texas Criminal Activity Breakdown

Murders: 1,118
Rapes: 6,769
Robberies: 33,906
Assaults: 59,331
Property Crime: 555,532

Texas exceeds the national average in:
Rape, Assult, Burglary, Theft

Free Texas Background Checks and Criminal Records

There is no denying that Texas is a big place, and it is also a state that sees more than its fair share of crime. With almost a million separate crimes reported in 2006 as well as over 1,100 murders, you need background checks done right now, not when state agencies get around to it.

Luckily, FREE Background Checks USA is here to help. We do all of the research ourselves and contact the pertinent state agencies so you don't have to.

Just look at the list of agencies you would have to contact on your own. You can start with the Dept of Public Safety Sex Offender Registration in Austin, then call the DPS - Access & Dissemination Bureau Crime Records Service as well as the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Bureau of Classification and Records.

If you don't have time for all that, simply fill out the fields provided and FREE Background Checks USA will do the rest for you.

Tips on texas Background Searches

The Texas Department of Public Safety gathers electronic data for Texas criminal records via a system called the Texas Computerized Criminal History System. The local criminal justice agencies in Texas report to the Department of Public Safety, and it is then compiled in the system. This process, along with the Corrections Tracking System is a part of the Texas Criminal Justice Information System. The information system is overseen by the Department of Criminal Justice.

To obtain Texas criminal records, a request by non criminal justice agencies must be sent along with a $10 payment to the Texas Department of Public Safety. The inquiry must include the name, gender, ethnicity, and date of birth of the individual in question. For a $15 fee you can also submit a request for a fingerprint based records check. You can also submit such a request for your own record if you have a print on a card or via the DPS FAST fingerprinting system.

The general public can request records online at the Texas Department of Public Safety website for $3.50. For a hard copy request, the fee is $10.

Criminal justice agencies have free access to the records upon request through the Texas Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (TLETS).